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Forming an Incident Response Team (IRT)

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The following organizations provide a variety of training targeted specifically to CSIRTs including development, design, implementation and operations

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CSIRT Services

Security incidents may arise at any time.  Attacks are often launched during non-business hours in an attempt to maximize the potential damage.

CSIRT operates as an extension of the contingency planning process due to its focus on preparedness for responding to threats as they arise. CSIRT provides the means for reporting incidents and for disseminating important incident-related information to the appropriate authorities and to customers of CSIRT.

Our Customers

We are committed to helping our customers report and investigate computer security incidents, provide information on technical resources, and disseminate information quickly, accurately, and efficiently to other security teams around the world.

Incident Response Services 24x7
CSIRT provides 24x7 Computer Security Incident Response Services to any user, company, government agency or organization. CSIRT provides a reliable and trusted single point of contact for reporting computer security incidents worldwide.

General Services include the following:

  • White Collar Crime

  • Data Recovery

  • Internet abuse

  • Theft of proprietary information

  • Evidence Collection

  • Incident handing

  • Computer Forensics

  • Incident Response 24x7

  • Virus Response

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Penetration testing

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) solutions

  • Policy Development

In addition to its proactive activities, CSIRT provides investigation services to business following an information security incident. In this mode, CSIRT can provide the following services:

  • Determining if an event constitutes a security incident subject to investigation;

  • Conducting an appropriate investigation into the root cause, source and nature of a computer security incident, assessing the extent of damage, and recommending an effective response;

  • Coordinating efforts to preserve evidence of the incident;

  • Interviewing affected users; 

  • Managing the release of information to the user community;

  • Preparing a report of findings, root causes, lessons learned, and recommended actions for management review.

Our goal is to organize the management of security problems by taking a proactive approach to our customers security vulnerabilities and by responding effectively to potential information security incidents.  Our goals include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Facilitate centralized reporting of incidents;

  • Coordinate response to security incidents potentially affecting a wide range of information systems;

  • Provide direct technical assistance to our customers;

  • Promote computer security policies within our customer(s) organization;

  • Encourage vendors to respond to product-related problems; and

  • Facilitate liaisons to legal and criminal investigative groups.

During an incident CSIRT can also provide the following services:

  • Reviewing audit logs and reporting any unusual or suspect activities;

  • Reporting any unusual behaviors of the critical systems;

  • Briefing the core members on operations procedures;

  • Protecting evidence of an incident according to our customer guidelines and instructions of the core team;

  • Assessing damage inflicted on a system and/or data and report information back to local and government law enforcement;

  • Assisting in determining the scope of the intrusion and in identifying the point of access or the source of the intrusion; and

  • Making recommendations to close the source or point of access of the intrusion.

Among other activities, CSIRT can also provide other services:

  • Categorizing the security incident; 

  • Determining if the incident warrants further investigation;

  • Conducting the investigation;

  • Adding support members to the investigation, if necessary;

  • Actively monitoring and protecting the network from computer viruses;

  • Maintaining the database and analyzing incident data; and

  • Preparing reports and recommendations to management.

CSIRT can also help you implement and manage a Incident Response Team within your own organization, this is accomplished through standard practices, services and tools. For more information on CSIRT services, please email:

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