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Forming an Incident Response Team (IRT)

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CSIRT Training

The following organizations provide a variety of training targeted specifically to CSIRTs including development, design, implementation and operations

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CSIRT Computer Forensics


Mr. Martinez holds the EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) certification from Guidance Software and a Professional Development Certificate in Computer Forensics from Oregon State University and holds an active Top Secret Clearance (SSBI).

EnCE Certification (

Oregon State University - Computer Forensics Certification (

Forensic services include:

  • Identify and preserve evidence (coordinating efforts to preserve evidence of the incident)

  • Mirror imaging (copying) of digital evidence from desktop computers, laptops, servers, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, back-up tapes, PDAs and digital cameras

  • Identifying and extracting relevant data through keyword searches and other techniques

  • Providing file listings and file exports on a CD-ROM for client review

  • Recover deleted files — including E-mail, word processing and graphical images

  • Bypassing/cracking password-protected files

  • Technical assistance to prepare and execute electronic discovery requests

  • Providing testimony and opinions as expert witnesses

Our goals include:

  • Quickly find relevant information and develop additional investigative leads

  • Develop a timeline of usage for both active and deleted files, including Internet activity Review evidence to determine context and relevance

  • Discover attempts to conceal, fabricate, or destroy evidence

  • Produce a user-friendly, accurate and detailed report of findings and recommendations

  • Developing an accurate and detailed report of findings and recommendations

Security News Updates

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Threat Assessments

InfoCon Alerts

InfoCon 1: Peacetime
InfoCon 2: Heightened alert
InfoCon 3: Full alert
InfoCon 4: Internet Meltdown

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Security Bulletins

Daily and weekly summaries of security issues and new vulnerabilities.

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