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Forming an Incident Response Team (IRT)

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CSIRT Training

The following organizations provide a variety of training targeted specifically to CSIRTs including development, design, implementation and operations

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CSIRT News Unit

You can tell it how fast to scroll, what font, colors and background image to use, how much space to leave around the edges of the applet, and how long to pause on certain lines.
Just cut and past the code below into your web page. If you choose to use News Unit please email us at  this will enable us to inform you of any updates, also if you would like to make any suggestions on how we can improve our News Unit, please let us know!

Security News - Code - Just cut and past the code below!

Here is a list of its features:

  1. Smooth vertical scroll.
  2. Unlimited amount of text.
  3. Virtually unlimited number of URL links (16 million).
  4. Variable speed.
  5. Automatic word wrap, so you don't have to format your text.
  6. Use standard HTML tags within the text file to bold or italicize any portion of the text, as well as change its color, center the text, and insert line breaks.
  7. Clickable links, again using (pretty much) standard HTML tags, with optional target names, so the applet is usable in a framed environment.
  8. You can use mailto: in the URL so you can include email links.
  9. You can specify default text and URL colors (normal and highlight) in the HTML, with overrides allowed for each within the text file.
  10. User-specified text font and size.
  11. Links are highlighted when the mouse moves over the text.
  12. URLs or associated text will display in the browser status line area.
  13. Automatic pause (optional) on specified text lines.
  14. The scrolling is (optionally) stopped when you hold the mouse over the display. If you use the option to NOT stop the scroll with the mouse over, clicking and releasing on the display when the scroll is paused (via the PAUSE tag) will allow the display to begin scrolling again.
  15. Text can be scrolled up or down manually by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  16. Text is read in from an external file, so that no changes are ever required in the HTML when the text is updated.
  17. Comment lines are allowed in the text file. They do not display.
  18. The initial "Please wait..." message can be turned off if you prefer not to see it, or you can substitute your own text.
  19. User-specified background color or image.
  20. Optional pad area around the text display.

Security News Updates

    foreground (text) color; default is blackbackground color; default is whitecolor for non-highlighted links; default is bluecolor for highlighted links; default is redscroll speed (in ms): larger is slower; default is 40Verdana (in ms) to wait on paused lines; default is 2000stop scrolling when mouse is over applet? default is YESdisplay initial "wait" message? default is to displayfont to use for text display; default is Helveticafont size to use for text display; default is 10size of horizontal padding area around text; default is 5size of vertical padding area around text; default is 5
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Threat Assessments

InfoCon Alerts

InfoCon 1: Peacetime
InfoCon 2: Heightened alert
InfoCon 3: Full alert
InfoCon 4: Internet Meltdown

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Security Bulletins

Daily and weekly summaries of security issues and new vulnerabilities.

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