Online Incident Reporting

CSIRT Development


Forming an Incident Response Team (IRT)

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CSIRT Training

The following organizations provide a variety of training targeted specifically to CSIRTs including development, design, implementation and operations

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CSIRT InfoCon Alerts

     -Focal Point for Threat Assessments-


Security Bulletins and Alert Notifications

There are no new or pending security bulletins or alerts awaiting review

Current Status: INFOCON 1


*** InfoCon Descriptions ***

1: Peacetime day-to-day status

No major exploits and attacks evident

InfoCon 2: Initial level of heightened alert

attack in progress (or believed to be imminent) that could lead to increase in latency and local connectivity outages.

InfoCon 3: Full heightened alert

attack in progress that causes an increase in latency, local connectivity outages or compromises of a large number of hosts.

InfoCon 4: "Wartime" status; Internet Meltdown

attack in progress that caused failure of major parts of the internet infrastructure (backbone)

Security News Updates

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Threat Assessments

InfoCon Alerts

InfoCon 1: Peacetime
InfoCon 2: Heightened alert
InfoCon 3: Full alert
InfoCon 4: Internet Meltdown

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Security Bulletins

Daily and weekly summaries of security issues and new vulnerabilities.

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